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Earthquake, Tsunami, War in Israel and Rapture!

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Repentance, California Earthquakes, New Jersey Earthquake and Rapture - Elvi Zapata  January 7, 2016

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Spiritual Warfare, Blood of the Lamb, Clean Heart and Mind of Christ - Elvi Zapata  Aug 20, 2015

Tsunami in New Jersey, Economy Fall, Israel, Martial Law and RFID Chips - Elvi Zapata   Aug 1, 2015

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Tsunami and War in USA! "Great Tribulation Period is About to Unfold!" - Brother Estagio   July 4, 2015

Move Out of California and Florida Now! It is Time to Fast! - Kelvin Mireku and Elvi Zapata  July 4, 2015

Financial Collapse and Tsunami - Elvi Zapata and Efrain Rodriguez, Lord's Hour 6/15/2015  June 18, 2015

San Andreas Movie will Become Reality Soon! It is Time to Get Out of CA and FL!  June 17, 2015

Shemitah, Economy, Earthquake, Rapture and CERN - Elvi Zapata (End Times Vision)  June 14, 2015

Rapture, Texas, ISIS and God's Warning - Daisy Bhavnani (End Times Dreams)  June 6, 2015

The Noah's Ark and Rapture/Door is Closing - Elvi Zapata  June 2, 2015

Millions will Die by Earthquake & Tsunami and Hell Testimony - Elvi Zapata  May 28, 2015

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Rapture Soon, CERN, Demons and Great Tribulation / Be Ready All the Time - Elvi Zapata  May 18, 2015

Martyrs, ISIS(Islamic State), Earthquakes, Tsunami, "Time is Over" and Holy Life (Rapture Soon)  May 16, 2015

Rapture is At the Door, California Underwater, Tsunami, Planets and Fallen Angels - Sister Joanna   May 16, 2015

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Great Tribulation is Coming, Worst Time in the History - Kelvin Mireku (Rapture Ready)  May 2, 2015

​Asteroid, Sudden Destruction, Transformation, Humility and Obedience - Kelvin Mireku (Rapture Soon)  May 1, 2015


​The Wedding Celebration in Heaven and The Cross - Elvi Zapata (Rapture Soon!)  April 28, 2015

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Fasting & Praying and Being Rapture Ready - Kelvin Mireku April 17, 2015

The Vision of Great Tribulation and RFID Chips - Elvi Zapata  April 10, 2015

The Millennium Kingdom and the Eternity - Elvi Zapata  April 9, 2015

Heaven is Real! Rapture is Imminent! - Elvi Zapata (Heaven Testimony)  April 8, 2015

Experience of the Great Tribulation! End Times Visions - Kelvin Mireku (Be Rapture Ready)  April 4, 2015

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Antichrist, False Pastors, Spiritual Discernment - Daisy Bhavnani  April 3, 2015

Rapture, Fasting, Blood Moons and End Times - Elvi Zapata and Karla Ott  April 2, 2015

Asteroid, Blood Moon, Sudden Destruction, Rapture, Visioin of Sister Chelsea and Peace & Security March 28, 2015

Powerful Prayers of Kelvin Mireku from the Lord’s Hour for the Rapture Saints March 22, 2015

Coming Asteroid, Heaven, Robes, Crowns, Praying and Fasting - Kelvin Mireku (Rapture Soon)  March 21, 2015

The Time is Over and the Door Will be Shut Down (Rapture Ready) - Elvi Zapata March 19, 2015

​​Transformation, Rapture Preparation and Heaven Testimony - Kelvin Mireku March 8, 2015

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God's Judgment in 2015 and Repentance (Be Rapture Ready) - Elvi Zapata March 5, 2015

Great Tribulation, Werewolfe Attacks, Rapture, and Praying for Israel - Elvi Zapata Feb 21, 2015

​​Demon Attacks, Demons Possessed Pastor and Rapture Preparation - Elvi Zapata Feb 1, 2015

God's Judgment, Rapture and Great Tribulation! Time to Repent! - Larry Demers Feb 1, 2015

Latest the Lord's Hour's Video!
The Lord took Elvi Zapata in the spirit many times, to show him many events of the end of times. Including the tribulation and events that is going to happen before the church is raptured. God showed him three main signs that we will see right before the rapture. These signs are not to scare the people of God, but a calling for repentance of this nation. Obedience is everything to God. God showed him that God sees this nation at this present time as Nineveh. Sin has multiplied even in the churches. There is no holiness anymore in many churches. This is a calling for repentance!

To watch video of 3 final signs before the rapture!


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Jesus is Coming Soon!



Elvi Zapata has the message from Jesus that Jesus is coming very soon! Jesus also told him that there will be 3 signs before the rapture which will be a great earthquake in California, tsunami in the East Coast of USA and the war between Israel and Iran. We live in end times. We have to repent our sins in every day. We have to surrender all to Jesus. Jesus is coming for the holy and righteous brides. The time is short!

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