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Earthquake, Tsunami, War in Israel and Rapture!

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Heaven and Millennium

Elvi Zapata

God took Brother Zapata to the millennium. Where the church and everyone who did not accepted the mark of the beast during the tribulation will reign with Jesus. In the millennium, Jesus is the law. Everything will run according to the way that He wants to run. It is going to be very beautiful. This earth by the end of tribulation is going to be destroyed. None of the technology that we have now, will be used in the millennium. Everything is brand new.

Jesus took Elvi Zapata to heaven numerous times. Heaven is such a beautiful place. He met his children in heaven who died very young age. He could see her children is growing in heaven. He also met his grandmother who was looked like teenager. She was so beautiful!

In order to go to heaven, we have to do this! We have to repent our sins and we have to believe in Jesus as our Savior who died for our sins! If you do this, you can go to heaven! After you become a Christian, live life with Jesus in holiness and righteousness. We love him with all our heart every times!