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Earthquake, Tsunami, War in Israel and Rapture!

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End Times Vision  Elvi Zapata's Lord's Hour

Israel War

God will protect Israel!

Elvi Zapata had vision that Israel got attacked by neighboring countries. In the first vision(second video), Zapata saw that Israel had new weapons which destroyed the enemies. In the second vision(first video), he saw Arabs armies killed innocent Israeli people.
Israel will win because God is protecting Israel. 

Brother Elvi Zapata also shares his vision of asteroid (meteor), tsunami and 3 days of darkness.

He said three events coming before the rapture of the church. Those are the earthquake in California, East-coast tsunami and the war in Israel. That means after these events, Jesus is coming for the wedding of the Lamb.

We live in the blood moons period. So all this events will happen soon in 2014-2015 because blood moons tetrad within those years. If you are Israeli or Jew, I'd like to tell you that Yeshua is the only the answer. He loves you and he is waiting for you to come to Him. The only answer for Israel is Yeshua!