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Earthquake, Tsunami, War in Israel and Rapture!

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Living Life with Repentance

We all make mistakes! We all make sins! But the sins blocking the relationship between God and us. The sins make grieving the Holy Spirit. So how can you get rid of these sins? Repentance is the way.
If you haven’t repented seriously in the past, I recommend you for 3 days of repentance. If you can pray with fasting, it could be even better.

Why 3 days? Jonah was in the belly of big fish for 3 days. First, it is symbolized the resurrection of Jesus Christ after 3 days of death. Second, God wants us to pray and fast like Jonah for 3 days for the true repentance. We learn the lessons from Jonah how to repent. Are you still struggling with sins? Do you want to spiritually advance? It is time to fast and pray like Jonah!

After you repent your sins for 3 days, repent your sins every day. If you make a sin from now on, repent it immediately. And try to avoid the sins as much as possible! Surrender all to Jesus! Ask God to be filled by the Holy Spirit! Ask God to love Jesus with all your heart! Jesus is coming!

Before His coming, there will be God’s Judgment will come. There will be great earthquake, asteroid, and tsunami. The solution for earthquake and tsunami is not underground bunkers in the deep mountain. The solution is the JESUS CHRIST! Jesus is the ONLY ANSWER!