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Elvi Zapata

In the tribulation, people still can be saved. Only if they remain faithful until the very end. Therefore, no matter what happens do not get the mark of the beast, which the Lord showed to be the RFID chip. If you do, the Lord will not receive as His son or daughter. Those who get the mark of the beast will not defeat death. If you take the mark, you cannot be saved. You lose the seal of the Holy Spirit, and the devil will defeat you.

God has showed Brother Zapata in vision, people giving up for the RFID chip in the tribulation, because they could not take it anymore. They were starving, eating from the garbage, or whatever they could get a hold of. They were giving up.

If for any reason, you happen to stay in the tribulation, Do Not take the mark, because it will have no return. God’s plan is to people go to eternity. The Lord wants us to focus in going home. We cannot change what is about to happen. It is in the Word. Rapture will happen soon and the tribulation is coming.